Don Juan List of Alexander Pushkin

About two lists by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, full of love and admiration, for the 225th anniversary of the famous Russian poet.

Don Juan List of Alexander Pushkin

Yesterday was the 225th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, the famous Russian poet. He was also well-known for his love of joy and women.

In 1829, in the Elizaveta Ushakova’s album, he compiled two lists of women he had ever loved or admired. Elizaveta Nikolaevna was 19 years old at that time, and it is somewhat unclear to an outside observer why she received such knowledge. Perhaps there is an explanation, but I did not dig deeper. I will be happy to read comments on this if there are any.

The list looks as follows:

Изображение выглядит как рукописный текст, текст, каллиграфия, письмо

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According to researchers, on the left are the names of those whom Pushkin loved, and on the right are those whom Pushkin admired. This list was first published only in 1880 when Pushkin had long been dead. Researchers deciphered the left column of Pushkin's beloved women as follows:

  1. Natalya I
  2. Katerina I
  3. Katerina II
  4. NN
  5. Princess Avdotya
  6. Nastasya
  7. Katerina III
  8. Aglaya
  9. Calypso
  10. Pulcheria
  11. Amalia
  12. Eliza
  13. Evprakseya
  14. Katerina IV
  15. Anna
  16. Natalya

Alexander Sergeyevich admired the following persons:

  1. Maria
  2. Anna
  3. Sofya
  4. Alexandra
  5. Varvara
  6. Vera
  7. Anna
  8. Anna
  9. Anna
  10. Varvara
  11. Elizaveta
  12. Nadezhda
  13. Agrafena
  14. Lyubov
  15. Olga
  16. Evgeniya
  17. Alexandra
  18. Elena
  19. Elena
  20. Tatyana
  21. Avdotya

What can be said? Pushkin loved Katerinas, admired Annas, and married Natalya.

Under the list, the poet drew himself as a monk tempted by a demon. He signed: “Do not tempt me unnecessarily.”

Изображение выглядит как зарисовка, рукописный текст, иллюстрация, Эстамп

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Such was the prankster, Alexander Sergeyevich. Thank you for reading!